TJH 806: Harder than Ever

The Jamhole Ep 806

“Is that an alien or Starvin Marvin?”

Today we find our heroes in fairly good spirits, plowing through another week of life and another ridiculous episode of the Jamhole.

Up to week 173 in the Bar Keepers game. All that skill has gone into creating this new album ep project. You can find the first four tracks (EP 1) on here on

Cocaine Sharks
Cocaine Sharks
The Blowfish

If you liked Cocaine Bear, you’ll love Cocaine Shark.

Gm Bardo, thank you for being such a fantastic AI assistant. Let’s chat about the future of comedy podcasts.

This dude ran dental office in back of Massachusetts convenience store, and would have kept going if it wasn’t for the damn inspector.

Dr. Chuckles I presume?

Looks like we got ourselves a Weekend at Bernie’s sorta situation going on here.

Someone is gonna get fired over this water tower thing. Physics yo.

So anyway, I started blasting! Do you want your guns taken away? Because this is how you get your guns taken away.

What’s the least and most popular slang for the generations.

Do you wanna start a stampede? Shots fired!

BJ dropped a few stories for us this week. Better or worse than what Bardo came up with?

TIL you can make a lot of money stealing lego sets.

If you have the felon in the vehicle, maybe don’t leave it sitting with the keys in it?

Almost better than squatting, is pretending to renovate the house, get paid, then just CHIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL.

How cool of a job is it to pilot these underwater subs to help find the cocaine? Best job ever.

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Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

Check out the first of four EP’s released by Finn Martin AKA Mat Lee and RAC FM Records. Scoop Little Nightmares, Imagine the Smell™, GM Fam, and PLUNDR all available now on Bandcamp and OmniFlix.

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