TJH 815: Equivolate

The Jamhole Ep 815

“These are more Moby Dicks, less Free Willys.”

Today on the Jamhole we find our trio of heroes transported back in time aboard a ship from Nantucket… with a bow so long you could… Well, you get the picture. It’s about the journey you know?

The pre show discussion is something I find particularly interesting. Is it public anxiety? Or have I simply gotten to the age where I just want to chill? Perhaps both? Perhaps neither? Only time can tell.

moby dick
Thar she blows!

On this day in history, back in 1820, the Essex, which was a ship from Nantucket, found itself getting “attacked” by an 80 pound sperm whale roughly 2,000 miles from the western coast of South America.

Metal for Orcas on Spotify

Speaking of whales, apparently if you crank heavy metal (from this specific Metal for Orcas playlist on Spotify), the whales will leave you alone. As it turns out, this was a severely incorrect rumor.

Let’s talk about mental illness. I also want to personally thank Tim from Distorted View for doing the lord’s work of sifting through all the dumb fuck shit on Tik Tok and YouTube.

Of course…

TIL horses fly on 747’s. This one in particular was flying from JFK in New York to Belgium. It unfortunately had to be euthanized when it landed.

Help save these poor defenseless toothbrushes…

If you have Hep C., your toothbrush does too. Every year countless toothbrushes die from unprotected brush use.

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Party over here…

Taco Bell in San Pedro was having some lit ass employee parties. A little too lit for one employee. Did she just puke in my guac bowl?

Which bottle?

Have you ever heard of witch bottles? This looks like some old school witch craft that scares the pants off Ben.

Winner Winner!

Pattaya Thailand showing up this week with a wicked fun strip club where the women and ladyboys actually fight over you!

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