Ep 290: Grammar, Penis, and Pussy


“I don’t need to hear you, I just need to see those titties.”

On account of my rather lengthy essay on Christmas and why religion sucks in general on the show notes for episode 289, I’m going to keep this brief. I’m sure most of you didn’t read that anyways, so when you read this and see that I am not really writing anything, you can go back and read that. All I really wanted to say is Wednesday will be the last Jamhole episode of 2009, and of the decade. What can you look forward to from us this next decade? A shitload of episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, lots of laughs, videos, live audience shows, hip hop albums, and overall awesomeness you’ve come to expect from us. I’m very excited to see where Moore’s law takes us technologically in the upcoming decade. Please, can you do me a huge favor? Don’t call it the aughts whatever you do. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If you do decide to call it the aughts, I would seriously consider firing whoever came up with that name, because they were clearly fucking with you. In closing, I would just like to thank all of you who have donated your money, time, and support to us. You guys are what keeps this show going. We really do appreciate it. Keep telling your friends about The Jamhole, keep donating, keep rating and subscribing to us on Itunes, not only on your computer, but all of your friends computers as well. Keep participating in the forums and the comments on the show notes. Please, if you are new, and you just want to say hi, send an email to info@thejamhole.com and let us know you’re out there listening, and you enjoy what we’re doing here. Thank you, and we’ll see you Wednesday.

  • We’re quickly approaching our 300 episode. If you guys have any requests for special guests and / or topics, send us a message from the about us page, facebook, twitter, or take it back to the old school and email us. Info@thejamhole.com if you didn’t know.
  • If you are in Danni’s chat, there is no audio. Read the topic, and you would know where the audio is. Unless your just there to see the titties, in which case shut the fuck up and see titties.
  • Getting raped when we were younger.
  • Thank the good lord this god forsaken holiday is over. I hate you.
  • Ever wish you could ask us a question, anonymously? Well now you can! Check out our formspring account, or scroll all the way down and check out the widget on the right hand side. It’s directly under the links. OR you can click the link that says “Ask us Anything.” We will go through these every couple of episodes or so.
  • Danni only got fucked in the ass a couple times, I’ve fucked lots of chick assholes. Next question.
  • What’s the difference between a black person and a nigger? No seriously, this isn’t a joke. Next question.
  • Why is your anus leaking?
  • Listen to your mother when she tells you to brush your teeth. The dentist is not a fun place. Act restorative mouthwash is fucking awesome. I think it made my cavities all better. If I could only figure out why my mouth bleeds when I internally suck on my teeth. Just forget it.
  • Danni comes from a long line of damaged genetic goods.
  • Went to see Sherlock Holmes on the silver screen. Pretty decent. We both enjoyed it. Thank you for telling a good, complete story in under two hours. That’s how you do it. Nice job Guy. Danni has a raging hard on for Robert Downey Jr.
  • You should go ahead and remove the front two rows, because anyone that is forced to sit in those front two rows, is totally fucked. The only reason to do that is to make more money. You greedy motherfuckers. Also, keep your 3d glasses. You paid for that shit.
  • While watching the show Rome, I learned something. Did you know that back in the Roman days, when dudes fucked chicks, they had people in the room fanning them? The Romans had that shit down.
  • We are going to do a live show in Florida something in September 2010. Just so you know. More details as we secure the venue. You can check out the post on the forums.
  • Let’s have a chat about sucking cock, uncircumcised cock, and fucking in general with our local sexpert, shazam!
  • 2 of us asked Santa for a threesome for Xmas. One of us got it, one of us did not. I am not pleased. Then again, one of us has pink eye, and one of us does not.
  • I don’t want to take anyone’s husband, I just want to fuck them.
  • 50 things that changed our lives in the aughts. Let’s get naughty in the aughty.
  • Congratulations, you just gave birth to a beautiful baby CYST! 17 pounds worth. You big fat stupid fuck. After this, you are never allowed to have real kids.
  • Let’s all take a hint from China, and give women their very own car park. Because women suck at driving. Especially chinese women. OPEN YOUR EYES.
  • Watch what happens when you tell Danni she’s ugly in her chat room. Hahaha. I love you.
  • Hey Georgia, where did your sex offenders go? Hidda hadda herdda. Oh right, that makes sense. 10 is the new 17.
  • I’m going to need you to go ahead and get naked. Now SPREAD EM! I don’t think the money is hidden in my twat. This is what happens when you let dykes play manager. Just because they fuck like dudes and look like dudes, doesn’t mean they can run business like dudes.
  • Next time you apply at a place, titties out. That’s how you get a job. Titties out!
  • If you wake me up at 6:30 am, I’m cutting your cat in half. Unless your sucking me off. Should have came in titties out. This never would have happened.

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