Ep 431: Martrice Leeroy


“I’ve seen pictures of her in a covered wagon with horses.”

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  • When people live, we accumulate a lot of shit. When you die, guess what? You don’t actually get to take it all with you. Someone you leave behind is going to have to deal with that shit. Let’s try and be more self conscious about the people who have to deal with what we leave behind when we die. The ancient pharaohs had it right.
  • Ryan’s funeral was very nice, as nice as a funeral for a good friend of your’s could be. Talk about tearfest. If you want to read about what happened to Ryan, check out the show notes for Ep 430. You can also find all of the other episodes Ryan was on.
  • All of our friends have killed themselves. Do we really suck at being a friend? In other news, I find it really weird that when someone we know dies, we all go to the bar and get wasted, then we go drive. Doesn’t seem very smart to me, but whatever.
  • Cemeteries are kind of a huge waste of property. I’m glad it’s not a parking lot, but seriously, we could find something better to do with the property.
  • What did your grandmother do? Oh right, she was a pioneer. The game Oregon Trail was written about her.
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  • Danni reads a nice letter she got from a girl in the UK who went through the same surgery. She’s not very good at reading, and clearly hates it when I point that out. Keep those letters coming! Email info@thejamhole.com.
  • Thank you Berger for sending us the Cat Grass. I could have done without the glitter, but whatever. If you would like to send us a post card or something cool for the holidays, the Jamhole Po Box is where to send that to.
  • The bald eagle isn’t as majestic as maybe our forefathers thought. The bald eagles up here are on the side of the road picking the bones of roadkill. That is a perfect symbol for what America has turned into.
  • Place your bets, in a post apocalyptic world, who would win? Mat or Danni? I’m going with Mat.
  • Merry Christmas Army! We got you some new boom sticks. This thing is so fucking bad ass, I want one as soon as they hit the African American Market.
  • This is your mug shot if you ever have to swallow a huge bag of cocaine. Best mug shot EVER!
  • Your daughter got drilled. No, not like that, but with an actual drill. I’m sure it was an accident.
  • A pranknet member gets struck down by the long arm of the law. Now let this be a lesson to you all. Don’t brag about your pranks on a public web site. DUH!
  • Bitch, I told you if you tried to leave me I would kill you. Now you won’t ever leave. At least for the next three months. Hey Peru, it looks like a huge fucked up game of Tetris there. Fix your shit!
  • Hey NASA, next time you hype up a news story, make sure it lives up to the hype. Read this article by PZ Meyers all about the real science of the NASA announcement. Totally got my hopes up, totally crashed them down.
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