Ep 433: Priceless


“Fuck the chat, I’m looking at tits!”

So, here’s a generic introduction to the show notes by MDS. I haven’t actually listened to this show yet, because I’m a week behind. But I betcha it’s funny. Did you hear the show the other day about bear safety fags? This one is probably just like that one, except different. Mat and Danni are good friends and I hope you appreciate how much they do to bring a little joy and random foolishness into your daily life. Do me a favor and flip them a couple bucks. Click through for the actual notes, written by somebody who probably listened to the show, or maybe was on it, or maybe his name is Mat. Holla.

  • What a treat for all of our live listeners, as well as myself. Sometimes Danni likes to wear something slutty for the live show. Good stuff. Catch us live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm pt. / 10pm et. at thejamhole.com/live.
  • A cool letter about our friend Ryan. That was a touching episode. All donations for the month of December are going into a fund for his two year old son, Sam. If everyone threw down a 20, that would really make a huge difference. Thanks!
  • Danni is surprised that the internet has feelings.
  • Do you have an old shitty kindle? Send it to me! I can’t believe we talked about this for that long. Talk about a test of patience.
  • Have you ever heard of WikiLeaks? Do you know what sarcasm is? Anyways, what a fucking joke. Hey governments, here’s a thought… If you don’t want to look like shady scumbags, stop doing shady scum bag shit. You have to have¬†transparency. Transparency was the word I was looking for. Not clarity. I’m an idiot. The government doesn’t control the internet. ICANN is not your own personal tool for killing sites you don’t like. Now you have to deal with DDOS attacks. Enjoy that!
  • Why do smart people do drugs? Umm, to deal with all of the stupid people? Yes, 10 points! If the world you’ve created for us didn’t suck so bad, we probably wouldn’t do drugs so much. Thanks for the set backs. Now where’s our jet packs?
  • When you need a child for your new partner, where else are you going to turn? Duh, your daughter. Where do babies come from? A vagina. Now who do you know that has a vagina that isn’t a barren wasteland? That’s right, your daughter!
  • A little FYI, smutland was one of the very first porn sites I saw when I was a kid first getting it on the internet. ¬†Now listen as Danni tells us about a porn video she watched that was a little creepy father on daughter love. I’m very excited for all the google juice this post is going to give us!
  • Do you remember life before your Droid? Talk about the dark ages.
  • GIVE EM THE BUTT DRAG! Butt Drag Butt Drag RAH RAH RAH! Wrestling is totally gay and here is my proof. Pretty sure this guys kid was molested by his wrestling coach.
  • Check out the newest weight loss fad. You take the pee pee, and you inject it right into my butt. Look how much weight I lost! People are fucking retards. IT’S DA PEE PEE!
  • You bit off your husband’s what? His tongue? This was a manic episode. I hate whoever writes these news stories sometimes. Do you get paid by the pun?
  • Email info@thejamhole.com or leave a message for the show at 406.204.4687. Toss a twenty in the kitty for Sam. Thank you!
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