Ep 537: The Network


“Where do you think they’re all pooping at?”

Holy shit, Shaun Cubberly joins me for a special episode. Fully cleared of aids, and ready to kick doors down. Welcome to AIDS beta.

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– Let’s pour out a little liquor for Steve Jobs. Shaun knows nothing but what the mainstream media feeds. him. What do you know about Occupy Wallstreet. Cut to the chase and get right to the goods. The Occupy Wallstreet episodes are 534.1 and 534.2.

– So wait, were you working or chasing tail? Shaun comes out of the closet as being a big fat phony.

– It’s crazy to watch this whole thing get so out of control. I got a Facebook event request to Occupy Wallstreet in Depot Park, Kalispell Montana. This is the cry of a generation. Clearly you are not a giant plastic bottle of vagina cleaning liquid.

– It’s getting crazy out there. Be careful.

– Get involved, do what you can. Be an armchair activist.

The Network was a great movie. This is our network. Beez brings up a good point. Where are all these people pooping at? Mcdonalds. Duh?

Jason Calacanis wrote this, listen up. Thanks to MDS for sending this in.

– Can you stop putting people in jail? Shaun explains why he’s pissed off. What’s the breaking point? Being arrested for pot and a slave to the dollar.

– You make life suck so bad that some of us want to do drugs. Daily.

– Have a coke and a smile, and go the fuck home.

– Check out my Obama impression. Not too bad huh?

– Yea, we pretty much talked about this the whole episode. The revolution will not be a status update.

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