TJH 609: Happy Ending


“Hi, I’m calling about your red Volvo for sale.”

Here’s a not so fresh episode of the Jamhole. I’m lazy and apparently have had better things to do with my time than write show notes or post shows. It’s the holiday, I’m allowed. Did I mention we’re going to Defcon August 1st – 4th? Yeah, we are, all thanks to a listener. It’s going to be awesome, so if you are thinking about going, you should definitely go. Puffer had to go to Washington to pick up his kid or something, so we had to skip the show this week. But since I held out on you for so long releasing this episode from a couple weeks go, it’ll be like it’s new. Enjoy!

More personal crap, I’m sure you enjoy hearing about this shit. Work sucks, that’s why it’s called work.

Let’s make a quick call to this guy who has a broken out window on a red Volvo. This isn’t as amusing as I thought it would be.

Rolling into the local cop shop and blasting some cops with the spray. Is that weird? His dad probably works there or something.

This is why you should never have kids with someone you aren’t willing to kill. Divorce isn’t permanent enough for some. Where’s my baby? It’s Sunday and I still haven’t heard from him, hope everything went ok.

Puffer is a high functioning alcoholic. Practice makes perfect.

The animals are taking out our communications. We are so fucked. It was a very eager beaver, if you know what I mean.

Are these happy ending services in China really legal? Sure, why not. This starts a great discussion about sex, prostitution, and living with girlfriends who don’t pay half their share. Well, they pay, but not with money, if you know what I mean.

Poor Puffer, he can’t keep up with his sexually overcharged girlfriend. Talk about first world problems.

If only your butthole had a hymen. Oh, and Puffer gives us his non spoiling movie review of Django Unchained.

What did you learn from the other lady who cut her husbands dick off? You throw it into the garbage disposal, that way they can’t sew it back on. Yeah, this lady did that.

If you were in jail, how would you wound a few guards? With a plastic cup of course. Oh, and my fists of fury.

How would you blow up a fridge with pot? Yeah, I have no idea either. Apparently it will happen.

Thanks for listening, we’ll do a show again as soon as Puffer gets back. Probably this coming Friday.

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