The Jamhole 748: Million Dollar Reward


“It was a whole thing to get a video made.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. On the show today we chat about DMX, a missing tortoise, cops speeding in your car, Egypt holding the Ever Given for ransom, taking a trip to selfie WRLD, and so much more. Thanks for listening, hit the link below for the show notes.

The world lost another great. DM is no longer with us. I’d like to that this time too remind everyone about my DNR status.

If you see this tortoise, please let it know the fam is looking for it.

A Florida woman who intentionally coughed on a brain cancer patient at a ‘Pier One Imports’ has been sentenced.

Devon and Cornwall police officers got their asses fired after they were caught speeding.

You want your giant ship back? It’s gonna cost you.

Level up your selfie game: ‘Selfie WRLD’ coming to Boulevard Mall next month.

An ambitious Stillwater boy got himself into a bit of trouble Sunday night after taking his family’s van to pick up some cereal while his parents were sleeping.

More money has gone into stock-based funds over the past five months than the previous 12 years combined, according to Bank of America.

My wife drinks and gambles our money away, and my adult stepchildren are deadbeats who do drugs and play video games. What can I do?

Most Americans say pandemic stress ruined their bedroom performance.

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