Ep 265: iDon’t


“Don’t put your dick in anything else, or you’ll die.”

I hate when you start playing a video game, for example, the zelda game for the nintendo ds… So I hate when you stop playing the game for a few years, then maybe one day you feel bored, so you pick up the game to play again. Where the fuck am I and what the fuck am I supposed to be doing? It’s been so long, I have no idea where I am in the game. Ok, here is my boat, I guess I’ll hop on that and go somewhere. So like two hours later, I finally figure out where I’m supposed to be. It’s a stupid dungeon that’s timed, and there is all these knight things walking around trying to smack me and take my time away. I tried to get through this stupid dungeon for another hour or so, and finally got mad and remembered why it’s been like three years since I’ve played this game. I don’t like that dungeon.

  • Prank and you will be pranked. That’s just how it goes.
  • A huge thanks for our christian psychic for letting me know to watch out for the dog poop. If you are going to argue theology, make better points.
  • Mr Deity, very brilliant. You should all email mrdeity@mrdeity.com and tell him the Jamhole wants to be judged.
  • Learn everything you ever wanted to know about HPV. Maybe Danni spread that shit around while in NY. We feel for you Micah Sherman. You all have dirty dicks.
  • Ron Conkoma calls in, but has some phone problems. Don’t worry about it, we sorted it out.
  • Joy calls in and tells us about growing up with Danni, and cheating.
  • The new Droid. I want one, so go to thejamhole.com/donate. Please don’t fuck this up verizon.
  • Mike from Erototoys.com calls in and trys to burst Mat’s bubble about the droid. Thank you Mike.
  • 40 days for life, thank you for your prayers. You are really out there making a difference. The whole planned parenthood closing had nothing to do with those prayers.
  • It’s hard to take your business serious when you are all dressed up in costumes.
  • The top jamhole found search phrases for September 2009. These are always fun. A huge thanks to all the perverts searching for 16 year old sluts. Woops!
  • Baby raping is a huge issue in Africa.
  • Canceling your school Halloween celebration because you don’t want to offend the witches. All wiccans are big fat lesbians. It’s a proven fact.
  • No candy here… Because I don’t like candy. Also because I’m a sexual predator. Nice job Atlanta.
  • Be careful while trick or treating, you don’t wanna catch the H1Nword out there. It’s everywhere! Bobbing for apples is disgusting anyways.
  • Danni yells at the Bigmouths podcast again. This is an awkward silence.
  • Getting your eye ripped out… Eye Don’t! Eye eye captain! Eye don’t understand this.
  • Danni reads a story about some serious abuse of power. Do you know you just gave the mayor’s son a ticket? Oh crap. Nice work mayor!
  • Smuggling plums? Fuck no, smuggling all sorts of reptiles, taped to your body. Can you say full body search? Oooh now that’s scary. Reptile smuggling is no joking matter.
  • You can all probably stop calling that cell phone. We got everything figured out. We’re not the only one who has jokes. 🙂
  • Jefff

    That was a hilarious episode; best ever.

    The guy who kept on calling w/ phone problems was hilarious. You guys played the perfect straight man and he just kept dialing it up until he was mauled by his dogs trying to talk to you. I could not stop laughing at you guys. You have to make him a regular contributor. Just have him call in w/ phone problems every once in a while.

    I’m very interested in the DROID as well. I might switch to Verizon for it, or settle for one of the lesser Android phones on Sprint. I hope Mat gets the DROID and reviews his experiences with it regularly. Have you heard that it says “DROID.” out loud when you open and close it or something retarded like that? Priceless.

    Keep up the good work.


  • mat

    Yea, he was great. I’m glad that bit was enjoyed. I’m still excited for the droid, even if mike tried to kill it for me.

  • Zach (Zophu)

    Is it sad that I read through the whole shownotes paragraph looking for social commentary, even after you started talking about zelda?

  • mat

    Hahaha, yea, they can’t all be good. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to write about, so I write stupid shit like that. You can usually just click more and get to the show stuff when it’s one of those days.