Ep 264: Finish Me Off


“I think I’m feeling some movement in my guts.”

I guess maybe the last time I addressed this, some people may not have read it, or perhaps I used words that were too big for certain people to understand. When you call into a podcast such as The Jamhole, don’t be the asshole that has his (or her) speakers cranked up. If you call in, turn them shits on mute. Also, I understand getting nervous when calling into a show like this, we’ve all done it, hell, I’ve done it. But please make sure you have something in mind to say. Also, if you are going to play a “prank” make sure it’s funny. Pretending like you don’t hear us, then you hear us, then you don’t hear us does not constitute a prank. It just makes you sound like a retard. Also remember this, when you call in, I have your phone number. I’m going to let what happened in this episode slide this one time. You have been warned, but if you do it again, you will feel the full force of exactly how big of an asshole the internet, and our fans, can be. Trust me, that is not something you want to experience. Moving on from this, I have one more thing I would like to address. If you are going to come into a chat room such as ours, talking about how god told you to save us, make legitimate points. Don’t sit there for two hours chasing your own theological tail. It only makes you sound ignorant, and proves my point that much more. That is all I’m going to say about this. We will discuss in more details on Friday’s show. Thank you for listening.

  • We talk about some of the podcasts we listen to. If you are new to podcasts, check out these other fine shows: Distorted View, Keith and The Girl, Uhh Yeah Dude, Astronomycast, The Skeptics Guide, and Science Talk.
  • You must have to take pain killers just to carry around those big ol titties! We love you Smashley! Danni has two friends, and I get to make fun of them both.
  • Big titties should have bells as areolas. That would be so fucking awesome.
  • Danni finally has to pump a grumpy. Of course she does right when we start the show. She was a trooper though.
  • In case you didn’t know, you can leave us messages when the show is not live at 406.204.4687 or skype thejamhole.
  • The four hour, two nuts busted session. Cock gobbling at its finest. In other news, you cannot cum while on opiate painkillers. Why you may ask? Because you lack discipline.
  • Danni wrecked the fuck out of her vibrator.
  • Thank you to whoever owned the uncircumcised penis that got put in Danni’s mouth which in turn made her dislike giving blow jobs. I blame you.
  • There is three things girls are genetically programmed to love doing. Cooking, cleaning, and sucking cock.¬†GENITALIA!
  • Amelia Earhart may have been found. Better late than never right? If you need a podcaster to go on your $500,000 expedition, I’m ready to rock and roll.
  • Star Quest: The Odyssey… Not too bad for a movie made in under $2,000. Definately a cool concept. Not making movies with no money, but the whole pioneering the universe and finding your own planet thing. I want my own planet. Very entertaining if you can get past the cheesy college style animation and cardboard set design.
  • Talk about a real pothead! I swear one of these days I’m going to be killed by a bad pun.
  • If your sixteen years old and having sex with a black man, lock your door. If you don’t you will probably get shot like this guy did.
  • The best mother in the world. Let’s see, reading, writing, and how to shoot heroin. Yep, that about covers todays lesson plan. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Also, please stop comparing weed with heroin and cocaine. It is not anywhere near the same category.
  • The best drug mule ever! Hey drug traffickers, this is the guy you want to hire to transport your shit. Good mules are hard to find.
  • Getting your house wrecked by the cities sewage. Good luck getting them pay the bill.
  • Welcome our resident psychic christian. You said a lot of things, but never actually said anything. We will talk more about this on the Friday night show.
  • Starving your son to death… Because he forgot to say “Amen.” Of course, that makes perfect sense. Ask me why I don’t like religion.
  • Again, if you call into a podcast, have something in mind to say. Don’t be like “Mike,” if that is your real name sir.
  • Who’s up for a gangbang? Well, she thought she was, but she was not. She was probably into it.
  • The sales guy calls in with the joke of the week. Very amusing.

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