Ep 258: Diss Me Diss You


“Sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade, am I right or am I right?”

There comes a time in every podcast’s life where it eventually out grows the space it lives in. If you noticed the account suspended message right after the live show on Wednesday night, all the way through yesterday afternoon, then you will know my pain. I about shit myself AGAIN after I saw the account suspended message when I tried to post this episode. We will discuss this a little bit on Friday’s episode, but to sum it up, basically, The Jamhole was using way more than the allowed server resources (memory and processor), to be on a shared server plan. So long story short, The Jamhole and all of you awesome crazy motherfuckers of the great nation of Jamholia, caused the shared server to become very unstable. Nice work! I would like to thank our awesome web host for getting us back up and running on our very own server so quickly. I would also like to apologize to the first person that took my call the morning after the site got shut down. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly the perfect picture of kindness and whoever that person was, they got the culmination of 258 episodes worth of my verbal wrath. I know it wasn’t your fault, but you were the first real person to get my call after four different automated menus, and a half hour hold time. I would also like to thank Jennifer for being so patient with me, and for cutting a few corners here and there to get us back up and running as quickly as humanly (or digitally) possible. You guys moved over 20 gigs worth of Jamhole awesomeness really fucking fast! So yea, we’re back up and better than ever. We are also paying a shitload more money to have our own dual core processing, dedicated server. So please go check out the trailer of our 250th episode live party show, and if you feel so compelled, go buy the full length movie and other awesome Jamhole merchandise! Support your favorite podcast.

  • We start off the show with a word from our sponsor, Bigmouths Podcast! Holla atcha boys!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present the first cross podcast rap parody battle. You can hear both of these tracks at the forums. You can also read the lyrics at the forums.
  • The final score was Mat: 12 Josh: 2… One of those two votes for Josh, was actually Josh himself. This means that Josh did in fact get served.
  • Uhh Yeah Dude is doing a live audience show this weekend! If you will be in the Williamsburg New York area Saturday October 17th at Public Assembly, you will probably see them. Get there early, because they will sell the place out. That’s just how they roll!
  • I never used to have a list of people who’s lives I have to make miserable, but I do now! Be nice. You started it by lying, that’s all. I love you!
  • I may have crossed the line here, but so what else is new?
  • Guess who has to lie about smoking weed? Hahahaha, I’m an asshole!
  • You don’t need bridges when you have a boat. Let’s burn em down!
  • Is the rumor about Stereo Radiation true? Because I still don’t know. It must have been on a need to know basis…
  • Last on the list of bridges to burn. Fuck you LuLu.com, and fuck your twenty percent. You should change your name to PooPoo.com, because your service is shit. You can suck my dick and lick my balls. Thank you for ruining our live show release. You are next on the list of rap battle parodies you fucking cunts.
  • Go buy the 250 episode from the jamhole store. Our store works! Also, once again, I have to send out a huge thanks to Keith Mcnally over at keithcourage.com for putting our video and the trailer together.
  • This is what happens when you raise your child on a healthy diet of redneck bones and nigger jokes. Raw is war, and war isn’t what it used to be. Hi Grandpa!
  • Religious wars are like the Special Olympics… Go ahead and finish that.
  • A Jamhole update on the fat naked dancer in Dallas Texas.
  • Levi Lusko needs to be stopped before he further infects this valley with even more religious bullshit. Support your local Jamhole Church!
  • Did Danni just propose to me?
  • Danni has no idea what she’s talking about when it comes to the brite movement.
  • That’s what the valley needs, another church, and another religious radio station.
  • Another one bites the dust, sweat lodge style.  Sweat it out! I have a spirit stuck in my asshole, can you get it out please?
  • What do you think of the American Police Force? Is this the beginning of a total police state? Or are these people are crazy jealous that they don’t have super sweet awesome Mercedes Benz’s.
  • Hey, what are you doing in that closet with a dead guy. Should have came out of teh closet sooner.
  • This is why kids shouldn’t have kids. What do you do when your two year old doesn’t eat? Boiling water in THE FACE!!!
  • Now go and do everything I told you to do. We are awesome, and so are you!

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