Ep 257: Best Produced


“I don’t believe in evidence, I believe in magic and rainbows.”

The world teeters on the brink of complete destruction as we quickly approach a total world population of seven billion people. I feel like this might be a tad too many for our planet to support. The scary thing is, that even though we know we are running out of space, resources, and patience, people still insist on reproducing to an extreme degree. I know that everyone thinks the whole point of life is to have as many children as you possibly can before your dick falls off and your womb dries out, but if we want to really survive the fast approaching complete break down of society as we know it, some changes have to be made. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but maybe it’s time people stop having four, five, and even six kids per family. Maybe just for now, until we figure out where to put all you animals, we try to limit ourselves to one child, two at the maximum. We have made amazing breakthroughs in birth control, so don’t worry, you can still fuck till your little heart is content without giving birth once a year. Please, for the future of the children you all have already brought into this world, and for the rest of us who will live quite happy lives not having any children, stifle your seed. Either wrap it up, or feed that vagina some birth control. Your planet will thank you. If, of course, you decide not to heed my warning, then you can expect more pandemics to run wild in our society. Let’s just call it natures way of auto balancing the load.

  • Why in the world would you buy a company that makes a bogus product and got the shit sued out of them?
  • Oooh, look at the magic box with all the dials and the quarter inch cable coming out of it! The magic tells you what’s wrong with your body, then the homeopath knows what kind of water to rip you off with. You are no better than a thief.
  • Purdue pharma has finally figured out how to make their oxycontin junky proof. Just make it harder!
  • Listen up Josh from the Big Mouths podcast, just a few helpful hints from one best produced show to the next. We love you!
  • Mcnally did an amazing job with the 250 video. Check it out at thejamhole.com/250. Spread the word, or if nothing else, just watch the trailer. You will love it! By the way, lulu keeps fucking up and they haven’t emailed me back about doing something about it. So if you purchased the video from the lulu site, get your money back and get it from the jamhole store.
  • Speaking of the jamhole store, we have a real store now! Check out thejamhole.com/store and help support your favorite podcast. If you purchase a digital download, you won’t get the link until I confirm the payment, and because I work a real job, payments will be confirmed first thing in the morning, and after 5:00pm. Thank you for your support. You guys keep the show going.
  • Anyone that has seen my dick twice, is considered a friend. Dick surgery scheduled for November 13th. Which is a Friday.
  • This is why weed is still illegal. By the way, weed is not addictive. Not addictive in the sense that if you stop smoking weed, you get physically sick. Get a fucking clue Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley you fucking idiot.
  • Eating shrooms might actually make you smarter a new study suggests. Shit, I’ve been studying mushrooms for the past fifteen years or so. Just be careful when experimenting with your mind. Expand your mind, but expand it carefully. The Jamhole offers helpful hints on having a good experience with shrooms.
  • Racism is alive and well in Georgia. Duh, no shit sherlock. I think it’s awesome the news sent a black reporter there.
  • When you pray for your child to get better when your child is sick, and your child does not get better, take them to a doctor. You fucking idiots, I can’t believe people still need to be told this shit. What year are you living in that prayer heals people?
  • Killing your fiancée the night before your wedding. Because she was a bitch… I mean, it was an accident.
  • Another hoarder bites the dust. Stop living like pigs you filthy animals, and you will stop dying like pigs. Time to break out the cadaver dogs.
  • We’ll see you Wednesday! In the mean time, check out our store and buy something. We are some broke ass bitches.

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