Ep 279: Overeaters Anonymous


“You got so upset because I said you had a small dick.”

Ok, so I got an early press copy of the new Snoop Dogg album entitled “Malice N Wonderland” because obviously we are press, and I just have to say, I don’t understand anymore. The intro, and every single song has a reference to jerkin. Is this some sort of new term the white man doesn’t understand? Like skeet skeet was for them in the 90s, the 00’s are going to be all about jerkin. I thought I used to know what jerkin was, you know, dick in hand, something sexy (or humiliating) on the computer screen, sitting in your desk chair with a paper towel next to you. That was jerkin, but all this jerkin talk on this new album, I just don’t get it. Also, if it hasn’t been said already, let me just throw this out there right now. I think you should retire Snoop. Not because you are getting old or anything like that, but because I don’t believe you have anything else to say that’s worth hearing. It’s ok Snoop, you’ve done a lot for the game, but you are fast approaching the point where if you continue to keep making albums, you will start to negatively effect hip hop. We will all L B C ya later… You can still make beats and produce, just please stop rapping. The game has been really good to you, don’t make the same mistake hundreds before you have made. Get out while the gettin is good.

  • Don’t ever judge me…
  • Happy birthday Chemda.
  • Tech no… TECH HELL YES. Here’s the info for the party.
  • Click here to enter to win a $200 Apple gift card. If you haven’t already, check out mycontestsite.com.┬áIt is the easiest contest you will ever enter. Coolest prizes you will ever win.
  • Click on this link. Haha, I just rick rolled you again. I agree with Frankie, this should die now.
  • More sad kitten news for those of you with jail broke iphones. Honestly, if you are going to jailbreak it, wouldn’t you think to change the default ssh password? I guess not.
  • Tiger Woods needs to learn how to keep a strong, quiet Hoe Stable. You would think that with that much money, it wouldn’t be that hard to pull off. Just goes to show you not all golfers are smart. We’ll just mark this up to poor resource management. I will teach you how to keep a proper Hoe Stable for one million dollars. That is my final offer.
  • Apparently the plan has changed. Rather than bring all our troops home and end this war, we are going to go ahead and start colonizing the middle east. Also, you will no longer call it the middle east. From now on you will refer to it as New Middle America. That is all. Here are some interesting stats on the war. These are real people you and I know that are dying for this shit.
  • Leave the torrent sites alone you greedy sons of bitches. At least some of them are fighting back. We know where you live, and we’re crazy. If anyone is ripping off the artists, it’s the large companies they are working for, and the MPAA and RIAA. If anything you should be thanking us for getting your music and movies out there. Evolve with technology, not against it.
  • A picture update on the story we did about the vietnam guy who dug up his wife and gave her a clay body. You can see pic 1, pic 2, and pic 3.
  • Some more incognito stories from Danni’s NA and AA meetings. I’m so proud of her.
  • Who’s ready for an overeaters anonymous meeting? Check out the think geek wish list, and get us the pin hole camera.
  • I would like to set the record straight, and say that the only reason I was crabby last week was because of the lack of sex, not the lack of weed.
  • If I sound kind of out of it on the show tonight, it’s because I was stoned pretty much all day. You don’t know me.
  • A quick run through of the first episode of the new season of Intervention. I can relate, but this bitch is fucking crazy. Fentanyl pops are for old dying people, smoking fentanyl gel is the way to go. You WILL overdose if you try this at home without some kind of opiate tolerance. That is your warning.
  • Certain companies are getting very rich from selling your personal information. PAY ME NIGGA! It’s my information, pay me for it. All you have to do is ask.
  • Ooops, I accidentally smothered my four week baby with my huge fat tits. Shouldn’t have been on that plane with that child in the first place. Now what did you learn?
  • This is why you should maybe not smoke weed at work. If you have a job that involves crushers. I’m gonna be in that crusher over there for the next couple of hours. Oh shit, I totally forgot he was in there. Sorry…
  • Don’t inject viagra. Especially don’t have 14 year old children inject it for you. You weird creepy fuck.
  • Give us your spare paypal change, or go buy something. Let’s get these jamhole church stickers out there. Also, if you need a good web server, check out our support page.

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