TJH 594: The Cuddles Club


“We do not condone this activity in any way, shape or form.”

Back on track with another hilariously funny episode of your favorite weekly comedy podcast, The Jamhole. Mat Lee here as usual with some show notes for the first episode of March in the year of our lord 2013. On episode 594 I’m joined by both the Kdog AND the Ddog. Very exciting indeed. Keep on reading for links and somewhat witty commentary on the episode. Can you beleve we’ve been doing this for almost 600 episodes? Perhaps 666 will be a good place to stop and retire this show. What do you think about that? Should we keep it going or stick a fork in it? Drop us a comment below.

Life is bologna, to put it mildly. Sometimes you have to hunker down and eat your fair share of the bologna sandwich. Speaking of crap, how do you feel about spam?

Have you been over to the Simulet lately? You should definitely check it out and do some mind expansive reading  Also be sure to check out our new podcast, the Techno Optimist.

Kevin, my friend who started the Simulet, turned me on to some amazing new podcasts. My two favorite out of the list have been added to the Jamhole links page. If you like higher level shit, check out the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, and Tangentially Speaking. I’m sure we’ll be finding out about all sorts of cool podcasts from this experience. Are you acting? Are you doing?

My friend is throwing a metal show. If you’re local here in the Flathead Valley and like metal, definitely check it out. The show is Saturday, March 23rd at 305 Evergreen Drive. Doors open at 6pm and the show starts at 7 pm. The Facebook event page for the show is here.

Listen up as Kdog brings the truth about who we’re living around. Sometimes you have to lower your standards to get rent somewhat on the cheap. Yes, we live above a pervy def fucking weirdo who talks to himself and has guns. At least put some clothes on for fucks sake. We have underwear parties like it’s 1999.

I think Kdog and myself would be the perfect fit for the couples’ trip to Mars. Well, it’s not exactly a trip so much as a fly by, but still, how awesome would that be? Check out the article here.

Ddog has the best story about a cock I’ve ever heard. Are you a member of the Cuddles Club?

Fuck it, next fourth of July, let’s light up some nukes. I mean fuck, our tax money payed for this shit, let’s blow one off. Let’s be ultra-patriotic.

Did you know that porn, in the proper dosages, can save a man from cheating on his wife. Kdog says it’s bologna, but Ddog and I both agree. Jerking off isn’t something we look forward to, it’s something that needs to get done and over with so we can move on with our day. It’s a tool. A tool for the tool. Anyway, here’s the story.

Hell has once again opened up in Florida and this time, it swallowed a man. It swallowed a man and his fucking bedroom. Of course we all saw this coming, because Florida is our most fucked up state, and because you keep building houses on sand. I’m not a contractor or anything, but that doesn’t seem like a very good idea. Check out the story here.

Our famous comedian friend Kevin Jones sent us this story about a dog who shot his owner. The thing is, this is complete link bait. It’s not like the dog actually picked up the gun and held it to his head. It was more of an accident than anything. Check out the stupid link baity story here.

Would you actually butt dial the cops, or is this a classic example of your smartphone spying on you? Guess what kind of drugs were involved here. Of course weed is a give in, but the other shit, maybe not so much. One more hit no time to waste, OOOOOooooooh METH! Check out the story here.

Who gets offended at the word CUNT? Well, cunts do of course. Cunts and bitches. Honestly it’s all about the context. Check out this long ass piece about the word cunt over on Jezebel.

I don’t know why, but I really hate this meme. The Harlem Shake can eat my fucking asshole. Apparently the FAA isn’t a very big fan of the Harlem Shake either. Want to learn more about the Harlem Shake? Check out A Brief History of the Harlem Shake.

We didn’t really mention this on the show, but I wanted to post it for you all to enjoy. Ant sent this to us. It’s a video about a naked guy who locks himself out of his hotel room. Is this a fake? Check it out here on the Chive.

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