TJH 595: Damage Control


“Our car population instantly doubles as soon as it’s a sunny day.”

Hello and welcome back to another fun filled episode of our weekly comedy podcast, The Jamhole. Mat Lee here with some show notes for episode 595. On this show I’m joined by Duncan and Joey Kelley. Joey in a Hawaiian shirt at work even. How lucky were his clients? Super lucky. It’s finally a sunny day, and people are in a good mood, even me! Be sure to subscribe to the show in iTunes and write us a review. We’re told this matters.

Have you ever seen The Divide? You should probably watch it if your into weird rape scenes and end of the world scenarios. So what are you going to do with the body?

The quote Joey was thinking of is probably from the show Red Dwarf, or Sci FI author Larry Niven.

“They say that every society is only three meals away from revolution. Deprive a culture of food for three meals, and you’ll have an anarchy. And it’s true, isn’t it? You haven’t eaten for a couple of days, and you’ve turned into a barbarian.”

Let’s get an update from Duncan real quick on his life, or the life he left behind. The funny thing is, is that when I brought this up for Duncan to talk about, his brother in law was sitting here with us. I don’t think he was all too thrilled to hear this, but that’s ok. Sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort level to arrive at the larger truth.

Have you ever done a Google search for “How to fuck a cow?” Do it, preferably in incognito mode, so you don’t start getting Google Now cards for this. Who’s number 1? That’s right. This guy.

Are you ready for Duncan’s intervention? Is 22 beers a night excessive? If it is, then lock us all up. We do live in Montana, so I feel like we get a drinking handicap or something. It’s time to cry it out.

How would you define the Green Fairy? Europe is asking this very same question. Too many people on the street running around all crazy hopped up on Absinthe. Check out the article here.

I’m not all that sure if Duncan’s explanation of making LSA is correct, but if you are really curious, you can read about it here on Erowid.

The chat is there for distraction. Thank you chat.

So much for land of the free. Have you met my friend Shangela? You might not get a chance to if anti gay religious groups have their way. Check out the article here.

On a happier note, there was a teacher in Norway who got fired for letting the children taste her blood. Maybe she was letting the kids see what it’s like to be a DNA test machine or something. Check out the article here.

We have a nominee for mother of the week. This New York mother got her son a stripper for her son’s sweet 16. Best mom ever. I wish other parents would mind their own business. Check out the article here.

I love it when the neighbor knocks on the door while we’re doing shows. Fuck off and die Ed, thank you.

Joey has another nominee for mother of the week. If you want a fresh start, just toss your baby in the woods and leave it to fend for itself. The baby will be stronger for it and probably love you more. Check out the article here.

Sometimes the neighbor is just an asshole to be an asshole. This is one of those times.

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