TJH 596: Blanket Operation


“He’s about to get dumped because of this.”

Mat Lee and Duncan Puffer back at it again with another hilariously great episode of our weekly comedy podcast, The Jamhole. I have to bring this up here because of how important to us it is, but you will also hear it on the show. Before the podcast, Duncan mentioned that the bong was allegedly getting kind of gross and needs the water changed out. So of course I’m happy to oblige, but when I’m cleaning it out in the sink, tragedy feels the need to creep in and stab a brother in the back. The glass was wet, my hands were wet, and I’ve done this a hundred times before with zero problems. But the damn thing slipped right out of my hand and went into the sink with a deafening shatter as glass and water went ALL OVER me and the kitchen floor. I’m still picking up little shards of glass I must have missed the first time I cleaned up my sad mess. So bottom line, this thing was a Christmas present, and it was pretty expensive, and we’re super sad about losing it. It’s like losing our best friend.

It’s been quite a while since anyone has donated to the show, so if you were starting to feel guilty for consuming all this amazing free content we produce, now would be a fantastic time to chip in whatever you can so I can replace this thing. I hate asking you guys for stuff, but when I do, you’re usually pretty good about coming through for me. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an integral part of the show. How can you start a good comedy podcast, or even our marijuana podcast, without allegedly taking some bong hits? You can’t. So please help us out and pitch in whatever you can towards replacing our favorite toy. Thank you for helping, and of course, thanks for listening and helping us spread the word. Here’s some show notes.

Listen as I try to figure out Duncan’s high tech slider feature phone. It’s been that long since I’ve touched one of these. That’s what happens when you forget to turn your ringer off during the show. Duncan’s girlfriend doesn’t come hang out with us on the show anymore. I blame our simplistic absurdity.

Could you imagine getting a check for $100,000? What would you do? Relapse, overdose, done and done.

Do we have anything to worry about from North Korea? Because this article says that the U.S. is spending about a billion dollars to add 14 interceptors to an Alaska based missile defense system. We don’t usually get into this kind of stuff, but Duncan seems to enjoy it.

If you want to read my write up on Stuxnet, check it out here on Google+.

Gaze upon the holiness of the new face of the Catholic church. You’ve all dedicated your entire lives to some bullshit. You are all very pious men, congratulations.

Ok, time to get serious for a minute. If you check out these pictures, you can see the aftermath of our poor broken friend. Those watching live were able to see it right after it happened. But if you weren’t check out the pictures here on TwitPic.

Speaking of tragedy, Carnival cruise lines are not having a very good go at it lately. This shit right here makes Duncan never want to cruise again. Welcome to the death boat.

Speaking of death, do you remember the black death Bubonic plague? So do these people, because they found a large mass grave with about 50,000 bodies in it. Crazy right? If you like Plagues, you should check out this awesome game. It’s called Plague Inc., and it was an app pick from a past Attack of the Androids episode.

What do you know about the Femi-nazi movement? Duncan loves this topic. Now tell us how you feel about the C word. I wonder if they float. Here’s a cool article about girls protesting with their boobs. Nice. Talk about some activism we can all get behind. Wanky wank. Also speaking of the FeMen, you should probably check out the movie PCU if you haven’t seen it yet.

The Pope will now forever be known as the Poop. Thank you.

Women, honestly, what’s the problem with cocks? And does anyone remember Glow? The latest Uhh Yeah Dude also brought up GLOW. What a weird synchronicity.

Time for a little back and forth slander. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did. I don’t know why, but for some reason it’s quite funny. FYI, if you haven’t been to jail in the Flathead County, the clothes are blue.

Have you seen these awesome true to life Swedish mannequins? Talk about walking the Uncanny Valley. These thongs look terrible on you, let’s see how they look on the floor. Wanky wank.

If you go to the Jamhole Music page, you will find probably five hip hop albums I’ve made, all for free. This took quite a bit of time, so if you enjoy it, show some love.

Now it’s time for Duncan to tell us all about getting the large work delivery truck stuck in the mud. This is just one of the many reasons he’s had a shitty week.

What would you do if you saw a swarm of cockroaches on the bus you were riding on? You would probably do what these people did.

Pour out a little liquor for the Shark Kmart and the city of L.A. killed. They said that fish had plenty of water. Here’s the story.

Get your copy of my new hip hop albums, The Blame EP and Escape Goats. You can get them free here on the music page, or on SoundCloud. But if you want to actually pay for the music, you can donate some cash via Paypal or check them out on Google Play.

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