TJH 615: Shades of Blackout


“Dude, I was such a mess.”

615 episodes of this ridiculousness so far, and for what? For fun, that’s what. We just gotta keep on trucking. It’s been a couple weeks since the last show. People having bachelor parties and getting married and shit, and sometimes you just gotta take a minute, step back from it all and enter another Dimension. This week has been jam pack filled with other dimensional beings, entities, and knowledge. Let go completely, take a deep breath, and jump. But first read some show notes.

Let’s get everyone all caught up on the last couple weeks. There was a bachelor party. Someone went to jail. I might have taken a few pictures here on the ol Google+. Oh, and do you have a friend who uses the word “Kosh?” As in kosher? Email if you do with a yes or no.

Neither here nor there, does anyone actually have bachelor parties that involve hookers and blow? I’m pretty sure that’s just an urban myth.

Shout out to Puffer’s ex. I hope you get your shit figured out.

First world problems. When you have to spit out a loog and your power windows won’t roll down. Good thing for us, YouTube is full of helpful videos that will show you how to take apart your whole truck.

Nuclear war for the lord! That shit ain’t nuthing ta fuck wit. I believe the exact phrase is Nuke the gay commie whales for Jesus!

I love not having kids. Especially when you go out to dinner with your friend who has a kid, and that kid turns into a raging brat princess bitch beast, and everyone turns around to stare. I know, because I would have been staring also. There’s something super satisfying about not having children.

So let’s talk about a little place called Off the Leash. Remember three months ago when my girlfriend quit her job to pursue her dream starting her own dog training academy, and you lied to her. You lied right to her face. You said she would be the dog trainer there, and that this was going to be a great business, because you aren’t a shit head alcoholic anymore? Do you remember that? Do you remember all the work we did and all the money we wasted on getting things so she could train at your facility? You’re a piece of shit, and I’m going to make a prediction now, your business won’t last through the winter. Good day dick head.

Do you remember the town of Deer Trail Colorado? Apparently the whole drone permit thing was a hit, and everyone wants one! Better take it to the vote and get that shit done.

So should we go blow the fuck up out of Syria? All out war? Why not, it’s good for the economy. Yeah, I agree with you, we’re all so fucked. My solution for this whole problem? Put a freaking dome over it. Many problems can be solved with a large enough dome.

There was this guy in New York who got his head chopped off by his little remote control helicopter. Ok, maybe he didn’t get his head cut off, but it did cut off part of his head, and he did die, and it was his helicopter.

What the fuck do normal people think about wearable computing, more importantly, the smart watch? We talk about this on YATS and AotA, the two tech shows I host.

This is why you shouldn’t make confession videos on YouTube. This is sort of reminiscent of the Walt White confession video a couple episodes back on Breaking Bad. Speaking of, this shit is on TONIGHT! Are you even fucking excited? You can check out what I’m watching on

It’s PSA time from your friends here at the Jamhole. If you are going to beat someone in jail, make sure you do it away from the cameras. We’re curious how many of our listeners have been arrested. Email with arrested in the subject and a yes or no. Thanks! Oh and Robby will allegedly blow you if you do.

Robby has really seen a lot of the world. He has scars from rich kids running rampant, and with that, let’s do some FML and call it a week.

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