TJH 730: Cheek Meat


“Would you like that with safety on or off?”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole. Mat and Bj back with you for episode 730. First and foremost, hit the link to check out the Fundraiser raffle SPOG is having for our homie. We appreciate everyone who has entered so far. You are all super fucking awesome! On tonight’s show we chat about Bj’s new hobbies, lockdown 2.0, cheek meat, moose meth, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes. Thanks for listening!

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Guess who got some titty pics? That’s right, bang that cash app and maybe I’ll show you.

Bj’s been taking up Sudoku, and coloring. I’m glad she spends her money on giant troll coloring books.

So which wave are we in now? Lockdown is starting to get real again for some people.

Bitcoin is getting up there again. If you got some extra, send it our way!

cheek meat

Did you know one day we will be able to swab those cheeks and grow meat from it? Fuck yea future, fuck yea.


Antiviral was the name of the movie I couldn’t think of during the show. Thank you.

Moose Meth

The moose are all about that road salt. So much in fact Canada had to release some new signs to let people know not to let moose lick their cars. Oh Canada…

Crazy Eddie

Let me tell you all the story about Crazy Eddie. Ah, the good old days.

A man is left with critical injuries after wrecking his motorcycle and shooting himself in the hip.

Parrot Bottles

A bunch of parrots were found in plastic bottles in Indonesia.

Are you familiar with orgasmic meditation? If not you aren’t rubbing that clitoris properly.

Have you ever just needed to scream? Or maybe you like to listen to other people scream? Either way, this site has you covered.

Oregon man sues, alleging he went to doctor for distress over marital woes, only to find the physician was having an affair with his wife. For 2.9 million? Worth it…

Don’t drink the methyl alcohol, that shit will kill you. Even if you are Russian.

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