TJH 745: Hoge Check


“Making money podcasting, finally.”

Thanks for checking out a new episode of the Jamhole. It’s been an exciting week, and we’ve got a  show full of super excited people for you to listen to. Mat, BJ, and Ben are joined by Cheese on this episode. Join the conversation as we talk about Hoge Finance, Goat pee, Turkeys, Hoge, Bigfoot, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes.

Let’s welcome Cheese to the podcast. He’s never been on the show, but you may have heard him rap with me on Plan B.

Project Survival broke 5,000 streams since it came out on Spotify. Thank you so much to everyone listening!

Shout out to everyone who bought Project Survival, and all my other music on Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp waived the fees Friday so that was pretty dope.

Shout out to Tooncito for the tip on Hoge Finance. This coin has been pretty fucking amazing. Especially if you got in early. No profits till a penny! Check out Hoge Finance here. Make yourself a Metamask account here. Come find us in the Free Lunch Discord if you have any questions.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how drunk are you right now?

You definitely need to see the video of the lady screaming about wearing a mask on the plane.

What do you know about goat pee?

An employee at a dentist’s office in California received a scare when a large turkey came crashing through a window and into the patient consultant area. Turkeys yo.

When turkeys and shit attack… Do not fuck with birds yo.

It’s Bigfoot time, with our resident Bigfoot specialist, Ben!

How do you get a gun into jail? Use the ol prison pocket.

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Project Survival

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