TJH 757: Exit Strategy


“You guys are true crime detectives at this point.”

Welcome back to a fresh episode of the Jamhole. Mat and BJ back to chat you up about the nonsense of the week. Same as it’s always been since this thing started back in 2008. Thanks for listening and hit the link below for the show notes.

Let’s chat about Bj’s true crime addiction. It’s probably not fair to call it an addiction, maybe it’s more of a fascination…

Daddy Shark token is launching September 10th. They are giving away a Playstation 5, and a Kaj Beck WonkaStone. Check out the BST blog if you want to enter. The post is called Pump the Baby Gimmick!

Let’s go down the rabbithole shall we? There is certainly a lot of nastiness happening in the business finance world.

If you need a little video to help you understand, Tony Soprano has you covered.

New research indicates the internet doesn’t make people act like jerks, but it sure gives the jerks a big megaphone.

Auburn landlord finds 19 tarantulas and a python abandoned in apartment.

Woman claims to have ‘maybe an ounce’ of weed, authorities find 20 lbs.

Garage explosion on Hiawatha Drive caused by welding, ammunition.

Birmingham dancing thief’s ‘fancy footwork’ caught on camera.

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