The Jamhole 758: Devious Licks


“I’m going to take care of my own shit, because I’m an adult, and that’s what we do.”

Thanks for checking out a fresh episode of the Jamhole! Mat and BJ back in the studio talking some shit for y’all to listen to. If you haven’t already, check out the Bandcamp page and cop yourself the new Greatest Hits album! This is an essential Mat Lee collection spanning over a decade. All hand picked and curated by you the listener! Hit the link below for the show notes and thanks for listening!

If you want to see what I was busy with last week, check out this story time edition of Sharkcast with your homie FomoFinn. Once you’ve listened to that, take a listen to this AMA where we talk about what’s going on moving forward with the project.

BJ’s laundromat duties are no longer needed. I tried to break it to her nicely, but she clearly saw right through my fassant…

Happy international talk like a pirate day! I love how these things become things. Great ARRRRGGGHHHigins story…

You like licks? How do you like these devious licks? The new tik tok trend is just stealing shit and flexing on the tok. I’ve said it before, but this truly is the best timeline.

The beavers have apparently had enough, and are now dropping trees onto powerlines.

Tsunami incoming? Are these the end times because humans can’t seem to catch a break. Volcanoes in the Canary Islands are popping off.

This guy bringing it back to the old school. Remember when people used to fall into wells all the time?

Remember that one time Steve from Blue’s Clues’ went out on a date with a Playboy model?

Child handler of the week right here. Thank you Florida!

It’s snake orgy time! How fitting, considering how many snakes in the grass there are.

Some cop on cop violence goes down in Las Vegas.

Flags are dumb. This is especially dumb. The bus driver wouldn’t let the kid get on the bus with his Mexican flag.

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