TJH 759: Victorython


“Look at me investing, like an adult.”

Another week another episode of the Jamhole arrives on the internet for your listening pleasure. Join us as we crack jokes at the expense of others. Be sure to hit up Bandcamp and get your copy of Mat Lee’s Greatest Hits! Thanks for the support  y’all, and enjoy the show!

mat lee greatest hits

Shout out to everyone who scooped the Greatest Hits album over on my bandcamp page. I’m currently working on getting enough beats ready for the next album project. Thank you all so much for your support.

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In the News

If you lost your sub, this Rochester Hills car dealership would like to have a word with you. Man in bondage gear arrested for indecent exposure at Rochester Hills car dealership.

Who’s scamming harder? BSC Pajeets in shitcoin land or robo callers? Speaking of, hopefully those calls start to slow down some. Deadline for phone companies to block robocalls is finally here.

You know, at this point in the timeline, this sort of shit is certainly a lot more plausible. A man claims to be a time traveler who has visited the year 2118 , and said that he has photographic evidence of what the future has in store.

During a recent Victorython on the Victory channel, evangelical pastor Jesse Duplantis said that the reason Jesus hasn’t come back yet is because people aren’t donating to their churches generously enough.

Officials say an Oklahoma woman was taken into custody after she was seen driving on walking and bike trails at a busy lake. Check out the link for a video.

After a toxicology report showed the pilot involved in New Mexico’s deadliest hot air balloon crash had drugs in his system, fellow balloonists are calling for drug testing for pilots.

A woman is facing a manslaughter charge after allegedly killing her boyfriend by throwing a mobile phone at his head during a violent row.

Graphic scenes of people having sex interrupted utility regulators at the Louisiana Public Service Commission meeting on Wednesday, held virtually over Zoom.

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mat lee greatest hits

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