TJH 811: Adventure Rhymes

The Jamhole Ep 811

“The world is so big though, and I care about such a tiny sliver of it.”

Today we find our heroes back in the Jamhole TG HQ for episode 811. They’ve had a birthday, released a couple songs, and are now back in survival mode.

Scooby might have to get put down old yeller style after this Halloween.

Take the Money
Take the Money

We finished the Kosmosovo mint at 138 copies. We are currently minting Take the Money, which is track 2 of EP 2, over on Stargaze. 218 copies minted as of this writing. Now that’s pretty fucking cool.

Dave Chappelle

Ready to get political? Yeah, me either. Chappelle was ready, and apparently not everyone was thrilled with his hot takes.

Let’s all keep in mind this show is satire and we’re all just joking around.

Mcdonalds in the background lol

Are you ready for on the fly drug free zones? Coming soon to a D.C. near you. Addressing Crime Trends Now Act basically allows D.C. police to temporarily declare “drug-free zones” around the city, creates criminal penalties for “organized retail theft” and reinstates a law that prohibits wearing a mask to commit a crime or threaten others.

On the Pleb Bookclub, we’re currently reading Chaos, by Tom O’Neill. Imagine getting hired for a 5,000 word magazine expose, and it turns into a 20+ year obsession.

Are you familiar with the documentary, the Trial of the Chicago 7? This is very reminiscent of what happened back then… It’s happening again in Manhattan.

A river runs through it…

This whole story sounds sus as fuck, and we’re probably going to lose sleep over it until a motive has been identified. Is anyone in the rock climbing community that can shed some light on this?

Ice shelf
RIP Ice Shelf

So yay or nay? Is the ice shelf fucked?

wild australian boars
Now that’s a wild boar

How do you feel about feral pigs? I feel like we could make a killing and pocket some of those sweet Australian bucks.

Change the name and retire

Elon Musk is offering $1 billion to Wikipedia… As long as they change their name…

Jet Fuel

These tanker trucks are becoming a real problem.

Four people from New York were arrested this weekend after police found them using rat traps to fish mail from postal drop-off boxes.

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Take the Money
Take the Money
Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

Check out the first of four EP’s released by Finn Martin AKA Mat Lee and RAC FM Records.
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