Ep 541: Symbolic Reminder


“Can’t have skidmarks in the magic underwear.”

Damn we did this episode a while back. I hope you all enjoyed it. I’ve been so fucking busy, I apologize my lack of attention to these show notes. Things change, but while getting swept away in these tough winds of change, new things come and old things go. Take from that what you will. I promise the Jamhole will never go, but it might get neglected for a minute or two while Daddy tries to get himself a new pair of shoes. You know what I mean. Here’s some show notes.

– The end is near. Could you imagine a mormon for president? No, I can’t either. Perish the thought. I really can’t take you seriously. Let me Google this for you, so you know I’m not joking. Thanks wiki!

– You know who else is doing some occupying? Yea, the 40 days for life group. How many days has it been THIS YEAR? You all go ahead and outlaw abortion and my disgusting girlfriend will open up a massive back alley business. I love how Danni says it. “Go ahead ¬†outlaw it you fucks, I’m the only one that’s disgusting enough to do it.” That’s ma girl!

– People are occupying EVERYWHERE. How can you help without staying the night in one of these occupy camps? Here is the post I was talking about. 11 Simple ways to support the occupy movement without sleeping in the park.

– Have you heard of the Human Sexipede? Yeah, it’s a porno I’ve “watched” bits and pieces of multiple times.

– Who’s Martin? MARTIN! No, not the black one. The one from the teaser trailer for the Human Centipede part 2, Full Sequence. Here is the final version of the trailer.

– Been listening to the Steve Jobs Biography written by Walter Isaacson. This beast of a life book is twenty four hours long. I’m at about hour three or four. This man was not a fan of Android, or competition, but he did enjoy a good LSD trip back in the day. Hey, so did I! Read the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test if you want to know more about the Merry Pranksters.

– Check out Attack of the Androids, our Android tech show I host over on groovyPost.com. We record the show every Thursday, so check it out if you enjoy Android.

– Hey Facebook, can you please stop suggesting ex girlfriends to be friends with my current girlfriend? I know we have a lot of people in common, but you are really ruining my life. Thanks!

– Hey Middle East, stop trying to blow each other up. Do you have any idea how shitty it is to deal with a bunch of virgins? Give me a seasoned prostitute over a virgin any day. That would be complete and utter HELL.

– I give you more chances than you probably deserve. Suck this cock and everything will be fine.

– Hey, do you have the time? Watch the movie In Time. Ever since I’ve seen this, I can’t help but think how much time I waste when I buy things. That was another thirty seconds. That was another two minutes. Time is the new currency, even in my mind. Why not? Here’s the trailer.

– Do you need help? Need some relationship advice? Of course you do. Plus, look how together we are! OF course you want us to help you with your shitty relationship problems. Email your questions to info@thejamhole.com or submit the comment form on the About Us page. I think we really helped this girl. We helped her a lot. If you would rather ask the question with your voice not your text, leave a message at 406.204.4687.

I could take Obama in a debate. His shit is WEAK! I would totally use my Obama impression on him, and blow his fucking mind.

– Obama bringing the troops home… Well, after we make this one tiny stop over here in the Persian Gulf. Almost.

– I really am sorry, and it’s not my fault that every conversation on this show goes back to Dana not satisfying my sexual needs. If I pay the rent, you pay the needs.

– I don’t need cock in my mouth to be happy. OR ELSE… I’m not cheating honey, this is how the game is played. If you want unconditional love, get a dog.

– Speaking of dogs, I’m going to end the show by myself, because Danni now has to go to work. If she would have woke up earlier we would ‘t have had this time issue.

– I don’t do shit when I’m sitting home. Bitch, have you seen my online presence? It’s huge!

– Dog survives gas chamber, now up for adoption. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. You should probably just put that dog down.

– Come as whatever to our Mormon costume party. Oh, but no cross gender costumes. If you are a woman, you dress up like a slutty something or another. If you are a guy, then you dress up as a pirate. Oh, and you don’t get links to these stories because the site doesn’t have them anymore. Thanks AP!

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t believe in them. That’s a big fucking rat.

– No one is gay when god is around. Sign this paper. NO one can reject adultery, it’s a part of human nature. Like free will.

– Thanks for listening!

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