TJH 569: Austrian Aliens


“Something is clearly horribly wrong with you sir.”

Another week come and gone, another humorous episode of the Jamhole for your listening pleasure. This is the last episode for March 2012, congratulations everyone for getting through another month mostly unscathed. Things are good here, just trucking along producing a few other shows, getting this hip hop album finished up, and waiting for the summer time to start so I can reacquaint myself with our star. Other than that, life is life, are you thriving or just barely surviving? Are you happy with how life is going so far? Either way, click or tap the read more link and get your notes on.

Welcome to another Monday Funday episode of the Jamhole. Tonight we have Robby holding down the discussion with me. Do you notice an eerie quiet settle down upon your ears? That’s probably because Ben is not with us. We’ll do our best to work him into our show schedule every couple of weeks. We don’t want anyone getting too aggravated with anyone else. Feel me?

The neighborhood watch is a bitch ass game. I first┬álearned┬áthat from the Kottonmouth Kings album Royal Highness. What do you think of this whole Trayvon Martin debacle? Was George Zimmerman in the right? Leave us a comment after the notes, or on the Jamhole forums and we’ll discuss. And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the best Al Sharpton impression I’ve ever done.

Moving around the world to our friends “Down Under.” You know, in Austria. See how easy I can change history? Either way, this guy cut his own foot off so he wouldn’t have to go back to work. Now that’s one dedicated, lazy mother fucker.

What do you know about aggravated pimping? Have you ever heard of a gentleman named Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Well, if you aren’t in the know, he’s the former International Monetary Fund chief. If pimping ain’t easy, what’s aggravated pimping like? This guy sure puts the bitch in habitual. Nice Robby!

I love it when our government officials forget their mic’s are hot, and just go spouting off at the mouth. This time it happened to President Obama. He asked the Russian president for a little space until after the re-election. Then he promises he’ll deal with the missile defense problem. Note the Obama impression? Not bad right? No where near as good as Robby’s Russian impression.

Here is the Jib Jab video of This Land Robby was talking about. Good stuff for sure.

What has Japan been doing since the nuclear disaster? Trying to find out who has the world’s fastest hands, via cup stacking. Check this shit out.

You’ve heard of flash mobs, and you’ve heard of cash. But have you heard of Cash Mobs? I like to think the Jamhole is on the cutting edge of bringing you the latest meme’s to make fun of. Thank you Internet.

Let’s take a quick little trip to Kazakhstan, where somebody played Borat’s spoof national anthem, instead of the real one at some medal ceremony in Kuwait. I bet they loved the shit out of that. All they demanded was an apology?

Wrapping up episode 569 of the Jamhole, we take a trip to Norway, where Kenneth Belcovski had his personal information displayed publicly to everyone who tried to log on to the Norwegian government’s 2011 tax website. How’s your privacy policy?

Let’s bring back a couple old bits from the show. We know you all love confessions, and Fuck My Life, so let’s go through a few.

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