TJH 597: Deep Throat


“Shut up, I’m trying to get my fuck on!”

Welcome back to another episode of our weekly comedy podcast, The Jamhole. Mat Lee here joined by Duncan D-Dog Puffer, and a high school friend of mine from way back in the day named Sabriand. Our apologies for having to cut this episode a little short, I had to cut out early to pick up my girlfriend from work. Honestly though, I’m not even sure why I’m apologizing to you. You don’t pay for this, you don’t work for it, and in reality, you do very little in return for an hour worth of time killing entertainment. Last week we put a call out to all the good people of Jamholia to help pitch in so we could replace our most favorite piece of glass in all the world.

Would you like to know how many pitch ins we got since last episode? Absolutely none. Zip, zero, zilch. Nothing! So again, I pose the question to you. Are we not deserving of your spare money? Do you not have an extra five bucks sitting in your Paypal account? It’s really not even money, it’s just a number sitting out there in cyberspace waiting to go somewhere else. So why not send it in our direction and we can send it in the direction of the headshop, and so on and so forth. Granted, five bucks isn’t going to replace our glass, but if 40 or 50 of you pitched in a few bucks each, we would have our replacement in no time. I know there’s a shit load of you out there who download this garbage. Out of all that, there’s gotta be a large handful of you who actually listen to and enjoy the shows every week. So what’s the deal?

Just do it Jamholia, help motivate us to continue all the hard work and bullshit putting out podcasts every week is. I don’t think you understand how much this effects our real world lives. It’s way more than just an hour behind the mics talking somewhat funny shit once a week. Think about it. Could you do what we do? Would you even want to? The answer is probably not, but we do it, and we’re pretty damn good at it.

Just think about it. I produce The Jamhole, The Hot Box, Attack of the Androids, Yet Another Tech Show, and the Techno Optimist, all for free.  Isn’t it about time you pitched in? If you can’t do that, the least you can do is subscribe to all of our shows on iTunes, especially this one, and write us a review. You can also do me a huge favor by checking out my Google Play page for Escape Goats and The Blame EP, and writing me a nice review there as well. That’s all I’m going to say about this anymore. I just need you all to know that it’s not just about the money, and it never has been. It’s about saying thank you and giving back a little bit, that’s all.

As always, thank you so much for listening and spreading the word, and here’s some show notes. Click the share buttons and pass it on.

Happy Spring everyone, did you all enjoy your Spring snow as much as we did?

For more information and the original story of when the glass bong broke, check out episode 596. Please kick down a little cash so we can get a new one. Thank you!

Let’s pour out some liquor for a porn icon who recently passed away. His name is Harry Reems, and he was the co-star of the 1972 porn cult classic, Deep Throat.

We’re talking about porn here, and penetration. Porn and penetration. Sabriand fills us in on the exact porn demographics. This is probably why Harry Reems moved to Utah.

Does anyone pay for porn? If you still pay for porn, email or drop us a comment below.

Sabriand has this odd fascination with nudists. He’s going to tell us all about it.

This isn’t as good as we might have hyped it up to be, but I really don’t feel like that’s our fault. So without further ado, I present to you the top five most notorious medical experiments. I bet, given some time and proper motivation, we could find five more medical experiments that are way more wicked than these are. Have a submission? Submit it in our Google+ community.

I may be the biggest dick in the podcast world. I probably should have also edited this part out, seeings how K-dog never answered. Again, sorry about the show being cut short. Don’t even worry about it. There’s plenty of other Matcasts out there. Yeah, I called them Matcasts.

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