TJH 618: Animal Status


“Washington D.C. needs an enema.”

It’s Friday, which means it’s high time for another fantastically funny episode of our weekly jokefest, The Jamhole. Welcome to episode 618. Mat Lee and Duncan Puffer on the mics talking that mad crazy shit. Here’s some show notes to follow along with while you listen. We’ll catch you next Friday! Viva La Resistance!

Puffer took a trip to Missoula for a midweek Tech Nine concert. Let’s talk about it. TECH NINE! How was going to work the day after? Besides being pretty damn late, it’s all good. Does the rest of Jamholia listen to Ill Nino? I don’t think that’s what Puffer thinks it is. Maybe El Nino? I honestly have no idea what the fuck he’s talking about, because this isn’t in english. But it’s pretty damn good.

Have you ever seen someone pound a socket right into their nuts? Physics is a bitch, and this is why you should never use your knees as a ghetto makeshift vice grip when playing mechanic. This leads into a great Puffer roofing story.

I love that people automatically flip off Puffer when he’s in his truck. So much so that when Kdog borrowed the truck, she got the bird. We get a great phone call and a text. Good times.

What do you know about infusing crystal? Some people really have zero clue how the world they live in works.

Check out the latest episode of YATS to hear about my trip to the Verizon store. In an update, I win. If you want to know how to upgrade your Verizon smartphone, AND keep your unlimited plan, get a hold of me. You need to have two lines on your account, and one upgrade. It’s just that easy. In other news, the Moto X is such a super sweet phone.


The ending of Breaking Bad was beautifully perfect. No complaints here. If you are working on a TV show, you should really take notes. That’s how it’s done. Also, Pacific Rim was pretty horrible, unless you were a fan of Robot Jox when you were a kid like I was.

The latest South Park was brilliant. They really took the cable companies to task for being monopolizing greedy assholes. Love it! Follow what I’m watching on my account.

We should seriously have a Jamhole home run derby. How much fun would it be for me to throw baseballs at Puffer while he’s holding a bat. So much fucking fun.

Image Credit: Vice

Image Credit: Vice

Remember last episode we were talking about those crazy killer hornet things in China? Well, Vice also did a piece about them, and it’s called, “We’re all going to be killed by giant hornets.” Fuck these things are nasty looking. I would not want to be chased by these fuckers.

Let’s talk about this cool article about the physics of mosh pits. I love Seriously Science!

How do you feel about the government shutting itself down? Meh, exactly. Fire them all and let’s try this again. Puffer blames Obama.

Sorry, my dog ate it, but I followed him around and put the money back together, can you just cut me a check? Sure, why the fuck not. Not sure why this is news, but it’s about Montana, so fuck it. On the other hand, why does your dog eat paper?

What happens when you have an angry gay bear of a gorilla? You get him therapy of course. Sounds to me like you need to hire yourself a pet psychic. Have you ever seen a gorilla sneer?

Are you familiar with the Internet?

If you are female and you live in Saudi Arabia, you shouldn’t be driving, in order to protect your most cherished asset, your ovaries. Honestly I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

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