Ep 272: Baby Girls


“It’s like your dick got lipo and you didn’t get the stomach staple with it because your broke.”

I’m taking the day off. There’s plenty of other shit to read on the internet. I need a break. The new metalocalypse season is fucking awesome. The new Venture Bros season is fucking awesome. Stargate Universe is still pretty cool, as is dexter, family guy, heroes, sanctuary, the big bang theory, and american dad. The new south park season is amazing as usual.

  • FYI, the penis has many size modes it can switch to. The more you know right? Also while we’re talking about FYI, jockstraps are not as comfy as they look.
  • This whole weekend was a blur. That’s probably my fault. When Danni says she had a great fucking weekend, she’s lying.
  • Diary of a drug addict. You are an emotional twat.
  • I realized where the “baby girls” thing comes from. At my work, it’s what the people who own the dogs, call their dogs. It must have been in my head subconsciously. I apologize.
  • Danni has a pretty wicked youtube problem. Please stop sending her vidoes of baby kittens. Thank you.
  • I cry because I love you. Just know that the next time you make fun of me.
  • I apologize for being annoying this weekend. When I get dick surgery, maybe I’m allowed to get crazy for a few days. This was very traumatic for me, as I see it was for you.
  • This is how I know I was being noddy. Remember, the formula is one letter per second. Drugs are bad mmmkay!
  • If you liked picking this zit, try the three over here! I know, it’s disgusting. Danni brushes her teeth so much, she has no more enamel left. What are your weird ticks when getting high? Email info@thejamhole.com.
  • Saving is for pussys. That’s how you know you are a real addict, because you save your drugs.
  • Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. That pretty much sums it up. You’re not my boyfriend when your high.
  • 2012 was pretty good, so I’m told. Probably the best disaster porn out there. Please stop making movies over two hours long. When all else fails, just kill everyone. The moral of the story is change your ways or you all will die. I think this was the old news story we were talking about that I thought was real. Check Ep 149 for more details.
  • Peeing sucks when you have stitches in your dick, especially when your high on drugs.
  • Watching the show hoarders makes me mad. Danni likes watching for the good heartfelt stories. Seriously, these people are disgusting, but the show is so great.
  • If you wanna mess with danni during the live show, don’t try and hit on her. She’ll end up just kicking you.
  • 10 unabashed quacks in medical history. What’s more crazy, the quacks, or the people buying into their quackery?
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