TJH 692: Placenta


“Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!”

Tonight’s episode is a doozy. A long, drawn out, doosie. Doozie? Fuck, I’ve spelled it all the ways I know and I’m still getting the red squiggly. Fuck it. Thanks for checking out the show, if you enjoyed any of this nonsense, be sure to tell a friend. Also make sure to check out my latest album, Plan B! You can listen to the podcast right here on the site, or on your favorite podcast platform.

How was your Christmas? Not bad for a bunch of heathens I’d say.

So you gotta be 21 to smoke in America now huh?

I love it when we try to talk about things we have no clue about. I mean, that’s basically what the show is, but it’s extra cringe to me when it’s about politics and shit.

Did any of you get a chance to smoke on an airplane or in a bathroom at school? I feel like our generation just missed it.

Florida Love

I like Ben’s idea of having a west coast president and an east coast president.

Today, on Geography Wars…

Let’s take a look at the top Florida guy stories of 2019.

Tell me what you know about the new emerging field of Teledildonics. Apparently this is pretty popular with the BDSM community.

Today, on Would You Rather….


It turns out the washing machine isn’t where a kid should be washed at. They do things a little differently in Indiana.

Let’s take a Jamhole survey. How many of you know and are actively friends with the neighbors? Email us and let us know. This survey says that, at least in London, people aren’t all that friendly with their neighbors.

Glitter nuts

I know you all love dogs and shit, but for real, dog people are so odd. How many of you have dogs right now with glittery nuts?

Have you ever, or would you ever consider eating some placenta? Also, does anyone know how many times we said the word placenta?

Anatomy of a body suit

Props to the 43 year old hottie teacher who wore the skin tight anatomy suit to her third grade class.

You gotta be careful what you put on your skin, especially if it comes from the black market.

Placenta Pills

Ben fills us in a little bit on the Hong Kong protests. My apologies in advance to the protesters in Hong Kong.

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