TJH 766: Building the Metaverse

The Jamhole 766

“Son, you remind me of a young Andy Rooney.”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole! On this, the seven hundred and sixty sixth episode of this nonsense. Since 2008 we’ve been out here keeping it real, and it seems to have finally payed off. I want to give a huge thank you to our benefactor for giving us enough runway to hopefully get off the ground. We’re either gonna fly, or we’re gonna crash and burn. Either way, it’s going to be a good year.

If you wanna check out what our new job is for the next year, you can find it over here on another shitty WordPress site I slapped together called You can find our new recording studio in the basement of Intern Capital.

Fucking mobility scooters man.

Check out this video of this dude on a mobility scooter holding up traffic waiting for some fish and chips. I thought only America had fat people in it…

Hey bear, can you get the door please?

Speaking of not news, check out this video of a bear closing this lady’s door. Is that really weird shit or is it just me?

Off the grid YouTube’ing.

Did you know that off grid youtubing is a thing? Welp, TIL… These step bros filmed nature being metal.

Poor little groundhogs…

In keeping with the not news, this town killed all it’s groundhogs and didn’t tell the public for about a year.

Boston Market

Boston Market fucking up some shit on Thanksgiving.

Guess what season it is? That’s right, it’s porch pirate season! Here’s some not news giving us some hot tips on how to prevent porch pirates.

Florida Woman!

A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly walked into a Citrus County home and undressed herself before hugging and sitting on multiple people.

Just in case you were wondering how deep the corruption runs, this article calls out several three letter agencies for doing a bunch of shady shit.

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