TJH 826: The Ultimate Rebound


Today on episode 826 of the Jamhole we discuss feds and nazis and how to tell the difference, getting ate up by your own dogs in Compton, joy riding a backhoe, and so much more.

Also be sure to stick around until the very end for a 20 minute special which puts two media moguls head to head in a bit called Master Journalist.

TJH 593: Mr. Winkle


“If your listening with headphones, he’s learning and I apologize.” Another week another episode of our free comedy podcast, The Jamhole. Be sure to join us live on Friday night’s, usually around 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Jamhole TV. Other than that, just keep up with us throughout the week on the Google+ community.…… Continue reading TJH 593: Mr. Winkle

Ep 233: Prawns!


“How many alien jokes could you fit in here you faggot?” You push it in, you pull it out, you repeat. How long can this go on for before you just wanna pull it in, then push it out, then blow your fucking brains out all over the place? As humans we are known for…… Continue reading Ep 233: Prawns!