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Ep 217: On the Rocks


“You’re not getting off that easily.”

It all started today. All of it, everything goes to shit when you try to change something. I didn’t even want to change it in the first place. But because certain resource limits are in place to allow for maximum monetary gain, we had to find a new home. So we found a new home, but of course when you move, shit comes crashing down around you. Which is exactly what happened. I personally would like to apologize for not having enough time to dedicate to this show, for not learning the ins and outs of RSS, and most of all, for not realizing what the fuck I was doing when I was doing it. You can still get the episodes from the site, and if you need them on a feed, just subscribe to the podcast gangbang feed. Not only will you get our shows, but the shows from six other podcasts we enjoy and are friends with.

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